• Museum
  • 3 Hours
  • Accessibiliy
  • Pet allowed
  • Audio guide
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Classical Tours

Sri Lanka’s wildlife is as varied as the island itself, ranging from elephants and leopards to egg-laying turtles and a huge variety of birds. With 12 per cent of the country designated for wildlife protection it is easy to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife. Safari parks and sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, offer the easiest way to see animals in their natural habitat. Stay alert for a sighting of the endangered leopard; take your time as you watch the elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon; or walk quietly near to the turtles until they stop to lay their eggs.

Route : BIA/ Colombo/ Potuvil/ Ampara/ Kudumbigala/ Okanda/ Kumana/ Yala/ Kataragama/ Galle/ Colombo/ BIA

What's include

  • Bird Watching.
  • Safari in North of the country.
  • Elephant Safari.
  • Nature Trails.
  • Dolphin Watching.
  • Whale watching.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Corel watching.
  • Yala safari.
  • Udawalawa safari.
  • Camping sites.


Day One

Route : Bandaranaike International Airport/ Colombo.
Spend the rest of the day following your arrival in touring the city of Colombo and enjoying the diverse colours and sounds of Sri Lanka’s capital.

Day Two

Route : Colombo/ Potuvil.
Head to the Eastern Sri Lanka, stopping at the Lahugala Elephant Sanctuary and the MagulMahaViharaya in Lahugala, an ancient monastery complex spreading over the jungle. Spend the evening at the beautiful Potuvil beach.

Day Three

Route : Potuvil/ Deegawapiya/ Potuvil/ Kudumbigala/ Okanda/ Pottuvil.
Spend the morning marvelling Deegawapiya, an ancient monastery complex and head to Kudumbigala, a forest hermitage practicing 2500 year old monastic tradition, situated amidst the Kudumbigala Wildlife Sanctuary.From Kudumbigala proceed to OkandaDevalaya, a Hindhu temple situated closer to the famous Okanda Beach.

Day Four

Route : Pottuvil/ Kumana/ Yala.
Visit the Kumana Bird Sanctuary for an exceptional experience in Sri Lanka’s bird life and the archaeological sites scattered over the sanctuary. Proceed to a luxury camping experience at Yala for the night.

Day Five

Route : Yala/ Kataragama.
Spend the day within the Yala Wildlife Reserve in pursuit of Elephants and illusive leopard and head to Kataragama sacred city for the night.

Day Six

Route : Kataragama/ Galle.
Visit the sacred Kataragama temple dedicated to Lord Skanda and join the morning prayers with thousand others devotees. Head to Galle, a per-colonial trading town and a trading and military base of the Dutch and British During their rule over Sri Lanka. Investigating the Dutch Galle fort under the setting sun, a memory to be treasure forever.

Day Seven

Route : Galle/ Colombo
Spend the day visiting the Colombo museum followed by shopping at Colombo town.

Day Eight

Route : Colombo/ BIA